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Editorial SEO Services

61% of B2B decision-makers start the decision making process with a web search. - Demand Gen Report
As a B2B marketing company, we know how important having a steady source of incoming leads is to your business. We also know, when it’s done right, SEO content can help generate more leads with less efforts. You know your audience and we know search engines. Let’s work together to get your content in front of your prospects. 


Localized storytelling

A better storytelling is one that is localized and has local audiences in mind. Localized storytelling not only better serves the needs of your audience but also increases conversion. We work with a team of 20+ content writers who are all native speakers of English from across the world. With expertise in different subject matters, our creative writers are able to cater to your specific industry needs and ensure that your story has the right tone and voice. Our experienced in-house editors work closely with our creative team and SEO experts to ensure that every piece of our writing is both flawless and SEO-driven.

Various content formats

We offer a wide range of content formats for you to choose from. Brand story, product launch, executive interviews, event showcase, case study, and industry news are some of our most popular format types. As we learn about your specific requirements for content creation, we’ll suggest a format that is well aligned with your communication goals.

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SEO-driven content

The goal of every SEO-driven content is to put your content in front of your prospects. With years of experience in Editorial SEO, we write to ensure that your story speaks the same language as your potential customers, with targeted keywords that they are using to find services like yours.


If you’re looking to get as many potential customers as possible to read your content, we’ve got that covered too - SEO content plus target PPC ads. One way to utilize your content is to use it as a landing destination for target traffic from your ads campaign. This package is one of our most popular content marketing solutions. You will not only get a piece of SEO content but also guaranteed traffic that sends your potential customers and partners your way.

Why is Editorial SEO important?

According to Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs, the “spike of hope” traffic that comes directly after launching your content will eventually die down.That’s where SEO traffic comes in. It’s free, consistent, and with a potential to grow.

The goal of SEO isn’t about bringing as much organic traffic to your website as possible. It’s about driving highly targeted traffic that converts. That’s why our SEO experts always take into consideration your business goals in creating SEO content. We ensure that your article appears at the right time in the right place.

What can you use this content for?

Don’t waste what you pay for. A brand story, for example, is more than just a piece of content. Repurpose it so it becomes your best marketing materials to be used across all marketing channels. Consider using it for:




Social media post


Newsletter content


Website blog 


Media outreach


Recruitment material

3-Step Process


A successful content marketing campaign is one that has a clear strategy in mind. So it’s in this phase that we’ll work with you to develop an SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives. As we learn about your specific requirements for content creation, we’ll suggest a format that meets your communication goals.



Once a topic and format is decided, we’ll get in touch to collect the necessary information.

In the meantime, our SEO experts will kick start the keyword analysis process. Our content writers will then utilize the output to create content that implements the SEO best practices.



SEO-driven content promotes itself. It saves you the time and resources needed to promote that piece manually. That said, it’s still nice to have various promotion channels, such as advertising and social media, that go hand in hand with your SEO effort, which usually takes at least one month before the results kick in.

Case Studies
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Product launch - Launching a new product?

Content marketing can be a great way to create buzz around your latest offering. This format allows you to showcase your breakthrough technology, communicate your value proposition while introducing your newest product to the market.

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What can you expect? 
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Dedicated content marketing expert

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Online project management schedule

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In-person / E-interview document 

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Keyword research analysis

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